About me
I'm passionate about creation and learning of anything, and this website is created to share some of results :) I believe that any person can learn almost anything with some desire and efforts. But no one can learn everything! Hence, there is a need of careful time management and prioritisation. So, I appreciate sense of purpose and spacious mind.

My occupation is software engineering and I have wide experience among IT technologies. However, my general interest is cognitive science. In addition, I like neurobiology, quantum and astrophysics, other scientific fields and business processes. My hobbies are 3D modelling, learning foreign languages, reading, coins and minerals collecting, riding bicycle, cookery, photographing.

My models My model of a book My model of a chamomile flower

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My IT experience (CV)
I started with computer graphics and games development at secondary school, but then I've tried many different fields, including desktop, mobile and web development, data analysis, machine learning. My programming languages are Python, C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Java.

Here you can find much more about my IT experience and its storyline: skills, education, conferences, publications, works, jobs, and accounts on online IT communities (StackOverflow, GitHub).

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Short description of some projects that I am currently work on.
In progress

WebSocket Testing Engine
WS Testing Engine is a JS library and an HTML5 application for unit testing of online systems with WebSockets.

WS Testing Engine

TacticToy / Ultimate tic-tac-toe
This is an excellent realisation of ultimate tic-tac-toe game. Rules are simple, but the game process is just exciting! You can play with a computer on chosen difficulty or with a friend via Internet. The following versions are available: play online, download iOS app and Android app.
The game is available in 8 languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

TacticToy promo

Fields of IT for beginners
More and more people wish to study IT world, however most of the articles describe quite specific problems rather, giving no common, solid view on different fields of information technologies. But this is exactly what the beginners need, and since I get a lot of questions about that, I want to provide a comprehensive answer.
Programming languages

Digital artist
At higher school I was interested in procedural graphics — creating of pictures with algorithms and code only. As a result of experiments, I developed an interesting artist-abstractionist program :)

Ultimate tic-tac-toe — game rules description

TacticToy game board is a tic-tac-toe game board with the same boards in each cell. To win in a board you have to make a line of three signs. And then you get a bigger sign! To win all the game, you have to get the biggest sign.

However, it's not so simple. Most of the time, you can move only in the highlighted region which is chosen by the last move of your rival. So, if your opponent moves in left-top corner of small board, you can move only in the left-top block.

game example game example game example game example